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Hi, Carol,

I just recommended Rainbows End Puppies to a person who stopped me on the street this week and asked about Millie.  I was looking at your site and was inspired to send you a current photo of Millie.  Millie was born December 2006 to Ramsey and Lucy.  She is doing beautifully and we continue to have lots of fun with her.  We have a swimming pool now and she loves to get in to swim to get her ball.  She is also my hiking partner in the Bay Area, as you can see from the picture.  



Alex is the cutest thing in the world! Exactly what I hoped for. She’s smart, has learned our daily routine, a couple of tricks, and is so good on a leash. She will start puppy classes when she’s 16 weeks old. She’s 14lbs right now, puts on about a pound a week! She brings nothing but pure love and joy to my life! :)



Hi Carol! I thought I'd write and let you know how our Beesly is doing. He is still the best, most adorable dog and most loved dog on the planet. My mom and I joke that if he doesn't get at least 42 kisses a day and just as many compliments and cuddles than his day just isn't complete. He continues to get his morning walks then comes back for some playing and a nice long nap. Lately it's been too hot to visit his friends at the park (a corgi named Kate and a black lab name Lola) so he's been getting an early evening walk when it's cooler. He loves barking and chasing the lizards, birds, squirrels in the yard and his new obsession is tennis balls. He's a pro at finding them on his walks. It's a rare day when he doesn't come back with one in his mouth. He loves to proudly show them off too. He also understands everything we say. We think he's truly gifted. I can't say enough about him. He makes each day perfect. We are so lucky to have him in our lives.


Dear Carol, 
Charlie's first birthday is coming up in a few days and planned
to throw him a birthday party to celebrate the wonderful moments
we shared together. Charlie is truly an blessing for our family.
We were married for only seven months before we brought
Charlie into our house and he has made our home a little more fun,
a little warmer and definitely love filled. He was and still is
an amazing puppy. It took us only two weeks to potty train him
and he did very well in all of his puppy classes. Charlie is very
smart, obedient and gentle while at the same time silly, playful
and sometimes just a plain goof-ball :) We love him dearly.
Thank you so much for all your answers to our emails and being
such a supportive breeder. When we decide to add another
doodle into our home we would look no where else other than
at the end of the rainbow... where we found our true friend. 
With love, Catherine and Stenly  

   Hi Carol:
Charlie has been such a blessing in our home. He still has such a charming and loving way about him. He's a big boy weighing in about 60+ lbs. and about 3 feet tall. Mike said you were interested in seeing some pictures. These are most recent of him.... hope you enjoy.
Sincerely, Mike and Tammy
   Hi Carol,
I enjoy watching Cody play fetch or catch a tennis ball when I tell him to CATCH. It relaxes me when I brush his coat, and he makes me laugh when I know he is trying to manipulate me. He is very smart, and learns commands easily. He already knows PLAY DEAD, but sometimes he reluctantly does it by pacing in a circle first. You just have to laugh when you see him finally PLAY DEAD. At home, he does everything almost perfectly. He loves to play FETCH or be chased. Loves people. And wants to meet all dogs. Sometimes he is scared of his own reflection. LOL! I get several compliments when I walk Cody. It's funny... people actually stop their car in the middle of the road to ask questions about him. Everyone loves his coat and color. Many people say he looks like a big stuffed animal. In this photo Cody is 8 mos. old and 45 lbs.
Warm regards, Jane

Hi Carol,
Just thought we'd send you an updated picture of Cooper. He's doing great!

-Lisa & Mike


Carol, We never knew we could love a dog this much. He is the most perfect dog for our family. His temperament is amazing. Perfect in every way. So sweet & easy with the kids. And he loves to follow them around when they play. He is the biggest cuddler ever too, which the kids love. He is extremely smart and learns every thing so fast. We couldn't be more pleased with him and he is definitely the cutest dog I've ever seen in my life! He is extremely sweet and kind to everyone he meets and he loves playing with other dogs. He's just wonderful. I'm glad after all the litter hopping we did, we ended up with Denver because he was definitely meant to be ours. (: 
Josh & April


Hi Carol, I just wanted to send you an update on Opal. She was from the Leia/Royal litter born on October 16, 2009. She just had her check up at the vet and she weighs 28 pounds. She is so amazing. She is our first dog and we are spoiled. She is so obedient and easy to train. She loves everybody and everyone loves her. My now 4 year old son and Opal are best of friends. They run all over the house and the yard together. She is really a super sweet dog. She is our Vet's favorite. Everywhere we go she leaves such an impression. Everyone on the dog park knows her... they don't even say hello to me.. :)

  Hi Carol,
Tell Grace & Socks "Hello" from their daughter, Delilah!
John & Kolleen (and family at Lake Havisu) 

Hi, Carol,
Hope all's well for you, your family, and the dogs at Rainbow's End. I just wanted to send you a few photos of Jasper, and let you know how much we love him, and enjoy having him as a member of our family 'pack'! He is now 9 mo. old--still gorgeous, happy, and easy-going. He is truly the best, most eager family companion. As you can see from the photos, he is adored by all. Even strangers stop and comment on how lovely a pup he is. So...thank you for giving him such a good start in life and matching him with us! All the best, Julie and the gang


Hi Carol,
I just thought you would like to know just how much we have enjoyed our Goldendoodle that we got from you last year. Pax is a total nut and makes us laugh 50 times a day. Our Chocolate Lab still looks at us like what in the world is this crazy thing you brought home last August. Pax is sweet, but feisty and has so much personality! I know you are busy and in the middle of puppy world, but I had a minute and thought you might like to hear from your customers. Anyway, we thought you would like to see a picture of her. Hope you like it!
Karen and Jimm



Hi Carol.

Just thought I would send you a little note and send a picture of Wyatt to you. He is now 4 years old and just as wonderful as he was the day we brought him home. He has such a personality! This picture is of him in our backyard that our daughter took the other day.
Take Care, Pam


Dear Auntie Carol,
Today I am 1 year old and I had a big party with other dogs and my people. 
Thank you for sending me to Renee & Dave. They are very nice and I like our home. I hope all my brothers and sisters found nice homes and people.  I miss you but am very happy here in Danville. Thank you for meeting my new parents half way. I am big now and Papa Dave & Mama Nee think I look like my Daddy Casper. I understand that my Dame, Emma is now retired but please tell her I love her.  This picture was taken today. I weigh 43 pounds just like you said I would. Hope all is well in Clovis and all your doggies are well.  Maybe I'll se you some day.
I luv you, Brandy


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